Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Criminal Fairy Tales

I finished reading all the great stories over at  Much fun and top-notch writing. Check them out. Thanks to John Kenyon for the idea and hosting.


Here are the stories:
The Flying Trunk” by Jack Bates
Coal Black” by Eric Beetner
Sing a Song of Sixpence” by Nigel Bird
Henry, Gina and the Gingerbread House“by Kaye George
Mary” by Eric Gumeny
Han and Greta” by Blu Gilliand
 “Divided We Stand” by Sean Patrick Reardon
Taking Back” by Sandra Seamans
Candy House” by R.L. Kelstrom
Joseph and Justine” by Patti Abbott
King Flounder: A Monlogue” by Loren Eaton
Life is a Fairy Tale” by BV Larson
You Dirty Rats” by Absolutely*Kate and Harry B, Sanderford
How I Came Into My Inheritance” by Seana Graham
Skyler Hobbs and the Magic Solution“  by Evan Lewis
Interview with the Pram Driver” by B. Nagel

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